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August 11 2011


Effective Basement Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Basement

Effective Basement Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Basement
Creative basements lighting ideas are essential to altering the dark and gloomy feel that basements generally exude. Basements are used for many purposes. Some people use it simply as a storage space, while some use it for more sophisticated purposes such as lounge room, study room, play room, or entertainment room. Whatever your basement is like, applying the best basement lighting ideas and framing of basement walls greatly matter.
Basement Lighting Ideas: an Overview

Any basement will look boring if the lighting is dull. If you do not apply effective basement lighting ideas in it, you might experience problems caused by poor lighting soon.

If you have encountered a wet basement floor before and have experienced waterproofing a basement, you will understand the sheer importance of lighting. Any possible water entry or dampness is easier to spot and remedied when excellent basement lighting ideas are applied to a finished basement. The wall framing, flooring, and other essential parts of the basement should be adequately lighted because they are prone to cracking and developing holes that allow moisture to seep in. The role of lighting in basement is indispensable most particularly if your cellar is used as a storage space for most of your stuff.

Basement Lighting Ideas and Tips

The following basement lighting ideas are meant to help you define your finished basement’s features and add pizzazz to it. Depending on your preference, you may choose to use these basement lighting ideas for functional or aesthetic purposes.

1. If you want to create an illusion of a taller basement, use softer, diffused light from tall lamps facing upward. This effect will downplay the low ceiling of your cellar.

2. Mount a good number of lamps on the tables in your basement. This will add drama to the room and aid you in doing activities that need focused light like writing and crocheting.

3. Use big mirrors to bring in more light inside the basement.

4. For storage basements, install incandescent recessed lighting for convenience and sufficient lighting.

There are many other basement lighting ideas you can apply to highlight your interior and make it easier for you to avoid problems not easily detected because of poor lighting, like having an occasional wet basement floor.

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